Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Conquering the Day

Venturing a day san mind ends kinda twisty. All unawaited storming at us lifting from our stability and centrifuging in a twister. Though we feel free, weightless but a fear of falling helther- skelter without any prior event premonitions. A thin blue line that keeps us on track like gravity holds us down, i.e., schedule. Then tracking our moves like a clairvoyant will not slave our thoughts? Where would be the adventure. Thus we be having no life's twists, which ironically we try to search in every story. No mother risks her child save Nature. Why it acts so unnatural. If quantum event is behined every happening then the saying-- "Everything happens for good." is wrong. Nature is random. In a task when there is a fear there is a risk to wager and then is the pleasure. It's just a day afterall we are taking about and not a 'Mission- Ring to Mordor.' But surely these little things daily blow our senses. And truely conquering these little things gives pure joy and makes us feel a winner.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

My Moments

It was a free day and I and Osama were like where to and we finally hung here. This place was like So much peaceful and kinda feeling as we were in Goa. We had some exotic variants  of pastas then concluded  with some jasmine  tea. It proved  to be a perfect Sunday outing.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Afterlife On Earth

I feel as if I'm in exile. The world around me looks like a post-apocalypse. Sky is spreading black. My face pale. I am looking for water, searchong for it everywhere. None drop I got to satisfy me. I felt very dry. The desert around me seemed less dry. The bare rocks everywhere, emitted heat energies which made my eyes swollen. I couldn't sit or lie down anywhere.

Suddenly I saw a big tall pole- abandoned. Wires all messed around it especially on top. Dah, I am not the only one wrecked here. Ah, the wind was stroking like a sand-paper. Too rough, too posh. All of a sudden I felt something behind me and turned, "Ah, a comrade!"

He came near me and we embraced each other. So warm. At last God gave me hope to live. But soon his embrace grew tighter and tighter. I felt like I was being strangled. In the blurring heat I can see his whole face, his teeth. He is not a man, not now, but he was before. Now he is just A WALKING DEAD. I opened my mouth and said, "Stop comrade, I'm not a man!"

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Brighten Like a Moon

Millions of stars in the sky,
But who stares them
Rise and shine all the night,
Still can't remove the darkness.

One lonely moon comes
Spreading its rays
Cooling everyone's eyes
Fills every mind with elixir. 

This world is very big,
Filled with humans
Everyone's a little star
Become a moon and brighten.

                 ---Translated By
                      Arshad Usmani
                     (From hindi primary school poem-
                       'Ban Ke Chand Karo Ujiyara')         

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dear Diary #2

Sep 29, 13, Sun
Dear diary as today was passing a Sunday I wanted to make it worthwhile which I had failed to accomplish the week before. Beginning it with a heavy slumber leading to acute gaming on phone I finally perched on my reading spot. I started to read As Eagles Fly by Barbara Cartland from where I left it yesternight. The book was like a journey wound round mountains and jumping and thumping upon and down the ravines. And the love story.. Oh My.. Barbara Cartland always been an expert at demands, negotiations and exchanges in the matters of heart. Completing the book I went for a feast of some fresh air. Went to a mall, visited to a 'Rs. 99' Store and then returned. It was now time when I decided to pick some and I picked an old comic book Web of Mysteries #2 and read a story from it. Dah! the usual vampire story. So passe that it were sounding redundant. Freeing from it was time for some grammer lessons. Read a few lines about adjunct and then translated some sentences. So here I am again dear diary to talk to you. It's how cosy telling you all these, all these daily stuffs. Bye, will return again on next Suday. Good Night!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Letter of Apology

Some day ago I had to collect my certificate from my old school which I had not collected at that time. So had to write an apology letter which I decided to make it impressive. And here it is how I made them realised I am now the person they wanted me to be:

The Principal
St. Joseph's School

Aug 17, 13, Sat

Sub: I want my Passing Certificate of-
               Class: X
               Passing Year: 2006
               Roll no.: 5249583

I thank you for maintaining 'St. Joseph's School' a great place of learning and me a part of it.

With sheer grief I want to confess that despite of being a promising alumnus of this renowned and premium alma mater I made a naive mistake of not collecting my passing certificate on time. This is completely my fault and I accept all accountability for it.

Now I need it very urgent for further admissions. So I hope you will empathize with my perspective of the situation and help me by providing it and oblige.

Your former forever student,
Arshad Usmani Ansari

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Dear Diary #1

Sep 22, 13, Sun

Dear diary as today was a holiday I wanted to make it big not of entertainment but learning. Though not wholy but in parts I was able to live it accordingly. It was great fun. Let me tell you what I did all day.

First thing first I have had enough of what I was short and craved for six days, i.e., an undisturbed sound sleep. Then I played some virtual games on my phone for four hours which I think was a kind of waste. After that I read a short story The Fun They Had by Isaac Asimov. In this story two students living 150 years after in 2157 AD were talking about us that what fun we had in schools as in future the place of teachers will be replaced by separate private robotic teachers. Very fun and ingenious reading was it. After that I practiced a couple of grammar exercises about adjectives and adverbs and uses of if not and unless. Completing them I watched some comedies on television and then sat for some communication practices. I even made many joke all by myself but didn't bother to write them as there were so many things at hand to write. During silence of the hours before midnight I read some Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon which I am reading currently for a few days. A fast paced entertaining read. Now at last I moved this to this diary. I have planned to wake up early tomorrow breaking the record for first time. Bye good night dear diary as I promise, we will meet again tomorrow for sure. Take care!