Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Afterlife On Earth

I feel as if I'm in exile. The world around me looks like a post-apocalypse. Sky is spreading black. My face pale. I am looking for water, searchong for it everywhere. None drop I got to satisfy me. I felt very dry. The desert around me seemed less dry. The bare rocks everywhere, emitted heat energies which made my eyes swollen. I couldn't sit or lie down anywhere.

Suddenly I saw a big tall pole- abandoned. Wires all messed around it especially on top. Dah, I am not the only one wrecked here. Ah, the wind was stroking like a sand-paper. Too rough, too posh. All of a sudden I felt something behind me and turned, "Ah, a comrade!"

He came near me and we embraced each other. So warm. At last God gave me hope to live. But soon his embrace grew tighter and tighter. I felt like I was being strangled. In the blurring heat I can see his whole face, his teeth. He is not a man, not now, but he was before. Now he is just A WALKING DEAD. I opened my mouth and said, "Stop comrade, I'm not a man!"