Monday, 3 September 2012

How We Can Change Our Fate

Sometimes we miss it, sometimes we hit it. Itscalled quantum event. Common people call it 'fate'. So every thing we do or decide to do ordon't decide to do is determined by a series of quantum events. And each quantum event has before its occurence has infinite possible outcomes. So that when we think anything orany idea comes to our mind, it is due to the quantum event which gave birth to that idea or thought. So due to infinite possibility of quantum events any idea or thought can come to our mind. This means it was due to this thing that the idea about gravitation came to Newtons mind. That was Newtons fate. That idea could have come to any one onthe world, but it happened with Newton only. This is because a single quantum event occurs at a very short period of time. For example to fire a bullet to kill anyone takes a fraction of seconds. But during this short timebillions of quantum events takes place. Because before firing the bullet there are many possibilities about the direction of the bullets, no one can say that the would get killed or injured or saved, etc. So for any single things there there are onfinite posibilities. And what really happens is called an event. I you want to change your fate. Change your quantum event. Choose the rightpossibility. Because a wrong quantum state can destroy your whole life. Because a single quantum event creates a whole new Universe!