Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Soirée on Ramadan's Sojourn

"Look at this fountain. It looks like as if someone's blood is boiling," pointed my colleague and humble friend Arhan.

Ramadan is taking its course and so the summer. It's time now that we should accommodate ourselves to the curriculum of this graceful month-so pure, so blessed. It is truely a month when life strolls in a low paced manner.

We fixed a soirée tonight after late night prayers. At the luxurious valley of Caffè Coffee Day engulfed with the aroma of coffee making and serving awaited the jollification. There we enjoyed some choco doughnuts and Caffè lattes. How pure they make it. I got lost in the vertigo of its blend. I wish Starbucks were here too in Varanasi. Never been there, only read about them.

We talked and did a lot of fun as we stamped to the mellifluous hum of the background classical music while sipping the sweet, soothing, reviving bitterness of the finest non-fat latte. At last we took a taxi ride home chewing some exotic tobacco. It was truely a night out.

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